The smell of freshly baked Christmas cookies is filling the air.

Festive lights and decorations are filling our homes and businesses with holiday cheer. Laughter and family returning home is filling our hearts. All of this December magic helps us to remember those less fortunate and to cherish our time together.

Smith & Griffith Real Estate Team

With 2018 coming to a close, we recognize that this has been a very challenging year for our province, country and around the world. May the spirit of the holiday season bring you moments of joy and togetherness that will help to sustain you through difficult times.

Our Real Estate team has had a busy year and we are thankful for the amazing clients that we have been blessed to work with. Last month, the Smith & Griffith Real Estate Team was recognized as the #2 partnership for all of CIR Realty.

It’s no secret that the mood in Alberta is a bit pessimistic and consumer confidence seems to be one of our largest hurdles. The challenges in the Energy sector and stagnating wages continue to plague the Province; rising interest rates and tougher mortgage rules appear to be hampering new buyers entering the market place. Despite these glimmers of hope in the economic numbers, many families are struggling, and these are tougher times for our Province. We are likely far from out of the woods yet, however Albertans are strong and innovative people that will not just sit back and do nothing. These tough times will end; we will rebound. It is up to all Albertans to help one another out of the pessimism and focus on building an optimistic future. We must work together to find creative solutions and innovative ways to move forward.

For buyers and investors, the bottomed-out Alberta housing market this fall represents a buying opportunity. Higher inventories and weaker sales are resulting in buyer market conditions and price declines across all sectors. It’s an opportunity to buy properties at a good price. For buyers, it may mean being able to step into a property that was perhaps previously unattainable. When prices fall, the question is not: “How low will the market go?” The question is: “How much real estate can you buy before prices go back up?” It also means that sellers need to be realistic and keenly aware what is successfully selling in their neighbourhood and surrounding communities.

For a comprehensive consultation on Buying or Selling, give the Smith & Griffith Real Estate Team a call at 587-600-7474.

Thank you for your support, business and well wishes over this past year. Our business is growing because of referrals from clients and friends like you and we thank you for your thoughtfulness in passing on our name. We’d love to assist others, so please don’t hesitate to send your friends and family our way. We promise to provide them with great service!

Happiest holiday wishes for a warm and comfortable home that can stand up to Santa coming down the chimney and reindeer pawing at the roof.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rees Smith & Kari Griffith – CIR Realty

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