A caring and compassionate country girl in the city, Kari Griffith has had her feet firmly planted in both her entire life. Dividing her time between the beauty of rural life and the vibrant excitement of city living, she understands the benefit of both lifestyles. We recently sat down with Kari and her client, Todd, as they talked about the experience of finding his incredible inner city home. 

Kari And Todd - Smith & Griffith Real Estate Team

Todd: To be honest, I was terrified! This was the first time I’d bought a house and the thought of moving from country to city was a bit terrifying, having neighbours, close neighbours … so many things that were new to me. Kari allowed me to ‘feel my way’ through the houses, to get a sense about each space and she really picked up on times when it was just good to get going, knowing if I wasn’t ‘feeling it,’ or staying longer when I had positive feelings about a property.

Kari and Todd - Smith & Griffith Real Estate TeamKari: I find it is really important to ask a LOT of questions. I wanted to understand what Todd needed and wanted as far as lifestyle. This is a massive change for him, moving from country to city and I think it’s critical to understand what his lifestyle looks like and what he’s moving towards in the future. What’s important, and what’s not important. As a realtor, it’s important to dig deep enough throughout the house-hunting journey because needs/wants evolve as clients move along in their search.

Todd: We would sit on a couch at the property and talk, to get a feel for it. Kari would ask me questions like, “When you’re entertaining your family how would this kitchen work? Let’s go into the kitchen and see what it would be like to cook in there. How would you lay out your cookie sheets or even your turkey?” And, with my family and sisters-in-law who like to get in there, would this space work for those situations. Also, “Where would all my Christmas decorations go?” These are really important elements to me.

Smith & Griffith Real Estate Team - March 2018 NewsletterThis story first appeared in the Smith & Griffith Real Estate Team – March Newsletter. Click here to view the entire newsletter from March 2018.

Kari and Todd - Smith & Griffith Real Estate TeamKari: I find the whole experience exciting! It can definitely be challenging but I find that exhilarating! It’s important to me to find the right home for my clients. I really need to try to understand my client’s life and imagine myself in their situation. Understanding the circumstances of why a property is being bought or sold, being compassionate and open to all the types of scenarios, both positive and negative.

Todd: The experience was great! Kari was always so thoughtful. Things like having water in the car on really hot days and taking a moment to go have a coffee and chat about the properties we had seen that day. Rather than it feeling tedious, it felt more like a nice day out. We had a purpose, but it wasn’t overwhelming. We probably saw a maximum of five properties a day, to be able to take them all in rather than be overwhelmed.

Kari and Todd - Smith & Griffith Real Estate TeamKari: I like to visualize my clients’ situation. What if I had that situation, where would I live? I really have to put myself in their shoes. I want to help ease the situation by really trying to understand where my client is coming from, how it would relate if it were my life or maybe even experiences that I have had that are similar. I think it’s valuable to draw from some of my own personal experiences.

Todd: The way Kari presented it all to me, I found extremely easy. When it came down to choosing the house – when we figured that this was the house – we just kept moving forward, it didn’t feel terribly stressful; it felt right! I didn’t want to leave the house, every time we came to see it, for both showings and then when the Home Inspectors came, we just sat and we were very comfortable in the home. I knew it was right. I’ve never regretted my decision one bit!

Kari: Buying a house is one of the most emotional buying decisions you will make. I understand that, and I want to make sure you know that I’m here for you every step of the way. It’s my goal to make you feel confident about your decision but also to explore your imagination and feel inspired throughout this amazing journey together. I want to help you find the experience of living in an incredible home!

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